Our mission

Mt. Lassen Theatre exists to entertain, engage, and educate through family, faith, and freedom movies, dramas, and concerts. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. In 2018, our facility will be a fully-renovated and active movie theater, as well as a theatre venue for dramas, concerts and events. Our building is a historical landmark rich in history, which we seek to preserve and exhibit throughout the structure upon completion of its renovation. At the heart of Mt. Lassen Theatre is the desire to be a platform for the arts, and lend brilliant minds a place where they can entertain, educate, and engage the masses.

Board & Committee Members

The committee that is overseeing the theatre renovation and launching its operation is comprised of public school teachers, a former principal, a retired CHP officer and National Park Fire Management employee, a retired fire department chief and contractor, a financial advisor, local business owners, a former Active Postmaster, a filmmaker, a drama director, a former Chamber of Commerce manager, and a pastor, who are all long-term residents, committed parents and grandparents, community leaders, and arts’ enthusiasts.