A 2018 update on renovations from our Executive Director

As we set our winter stage I would like to keep you updated with where we are with the Mt. Lassen Theatre remodel. Our general contractor has had an overwhelming season on multiple fronts and is taking a much needed break, and his team will start our renovation in spring. The delay in facade reconstruction has afforded us time to work on other pieces. A wait is never wasted time as we see it.

Two important upgrades literally fell in our laps and we are excited about God’s unsolicited provision of Surround Sound and new theatre seats! First, at the end of December, a team installed 360 Degrees Atmos Surround Sound system (the same in IMAX and other theaters). It is amazing and will greatly enhance the Friday night movie experience and any multi-media used in Sunday Church services.

Second, an IMAX theater CEO has donated an abundance of 3-year-new black leather rocker theater seats that we will spend the winter acquiring and installing. We’ll make sure to save a few of the best of the old seats and completely restore them as a nod to Chester Theater’s history. We were also donated an airport hanger with temperature and humidity controlled storage for those seats! We feel so blessed!

Alpha Architectural Signs and Lighting in Sacramento is working on the glass and neon portion of the sign (the bulk of aluminum work is complete). It looks great! Fernando, our architectural artist, is lovingly and painstakingly working his skilled magic on the delicate science of glass and neon color matching using materials out of Italy! Reconstruction of the façade and installation of the sign is scheduled to happen come the first good weather in Spring.

In the meantime, I want to say a huge “Thank You” to all the volunteers who faithfully make Friday Night Movies happen, and to the MLT Steering Committee who drives ideas forward. You are the core of what makes a rich community. The seeds of your service are growing into a non-profit that will enhance, engage and entertain this community for years to come. You have vision and passion and are a joy to work with.

Happy New Year to all of you, and thank you for your continued support,

Gwen Meinhardt